Chimney Sweep Certifications

Professional Chimney Sweeps have to go to school just like the rest of us to become proficient in their field. With a combination of specialized training and the passing of certified examinations, Sweeps earn the credentials needed to practice their craft in the field.  Check out (and click) the screen cap below for more information on Chimney Sweep certifications.

About Chimney Sweep Certifications – The Need To Know

chimney certifications


Duquesne SLPA White Paper

Duquesne’s School of Leadership and Professional Advancement knows how seriously students take their continuing education.  As such, they wanted to provide some advice on how to be successful through an online learning experience.  This white paper details specific tips on how students who are new to online learning can make the most of their experience.  Below is a screen cap of the PDF available on the school’s site, which links to the full downloadable document.  Graphics and formatting courtesy of designer, Carrie Eickmeyer.

duq wp

Credit Card Safety Features to Know About

Given the financial scares linked to credit and debit cards this year (Target, anyone?), it seemed only fitting to dig into my little bag of tricks (aka my writing folder) and share a piece I wrote during my time with Eyeflow.  We want to know that paying plastic is OK, because so many of us do it.  Well, rest-assured that there ARE safety measures in place (and they’re expanding every day!), as detailed in this post written for former client, True Merchant.  Check out the article for more information (click the screen cap) and some peace of mind!

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Gas vs Wood Fireplaces

It’s a little out of season for a fireplace/chimney post, but in fairness the article was published more recently than it was written.  Anyway, as summertime starts to die down and we prepare for fall, let’s not forget about the chilly months to come.  High’s Chimney helps you choose between fireplace options in this comparison of gas and wood fireplace units.  Check out the screen cap below.

Gas vs Wood Fireplaces: Price, Aesthetics, and Maintenance

gas v wood fireplace

MIG CES 2015 Event Page

Part of my duties while consulting for MEMS Industry Group (MIG) was to populate their website with upcoming event information. Next year, MIG will be attending Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (CES 2015) and offering exhibition space to its members. Check out the screen cap below for the event listing.

*Note: the organization may change or redirect this page as more information becomes available. The screen cap represents the page in its preliminary version as written by me.

CES 2015 event

Mobile Payments Lagging Behind

It might be easy to pay with you mobile app to get your morning latte, but believe it or not, the technology isn’t as advanced as you’d think.  True Merchant shares information on this rising technology (affectionately dubbed as “tap and pay”) which suggests it could be doing much better.  Check out the screen cap below and click to view the full press release.

tm release

Careers in Welding

Welding is an invaluable skill to have, either for personal repair use or larger professional projects.  If you’ve decided to pursue this unique path, you could be wondering what positions your newly found skills apply to.  Tulsa Welding School puts that question to rest with a handy overview of welding-focused jobs, all in a variety of industries.  Take a look at the screen cap, and as always click it for more information!

welding careers