Duquesne SLPA White Paper

Duquesne’s School of Leadership and Professional Advancement knows how seriously students take their continuing education.  As such, they wanted to provide some advice on how to be successful through an online learning experience.  This white paper details specific tips on how students who are new to online learning can make the most of their experience.  Below is a screen cap of the PDF available on the school’s site, which links to the full downloadable document.  Graphics and formatting courtesy of designer, Carrie Eickmeyer.

duq wp


Duquesne Business Training Press Release

Duquesne University’s School of Leadership and Professional Advancement knows that there are qualified leaders out there who are ready to make the business world a better place.  However, those in leadership positions now are not always ready and individuals with the right skills don’t necessarily possess the educational qualifications.  The answer?  Better Leadership training for the business world.  Duquesne answers the call for qualified leaders by providing a well-rounded program to help individuals succeed, as discussed in this press release.

duq business pr