Chimney Sweep Certifications

Professional Chimney Sweeps have to go to school just like the rest of us to become proficient in their field. With a combination of specialized training and the passing of certified examinations, Sweeps earn the credentials needed to practice their craft in the field.  Check out (and click) the screen cap below for more information on Chimney Sweep certifications.

About Chimney Sweep Certifications – The Need To Know

chimney certifications


Gas vs Wood Fireplaces

It’s a little out of season for a fireplace/chimney post, but in fairness the article was published more recently than it was written.  Anyway, as summertime starts to die down and we prepare for fall, let’s not forget about the chilly months to come.  High’s Chimney helps you choose between fireplace options in this comparison of gas and wood fireplace units.  Check out the screen cap below.

Gas vs Wood Fireplaces: Price, Aesthetics, and Maintenance

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Clean That Chimney: Pro Equipment

If you’re going to use a chimney year after year, it is essential to know at least a bit about maintaining it.  That said, one step to take is learning about the different cleaning tools that help to keep your fireplace and chimney working at peak performance.  When the time comes to clean the chimney, you will be better equipped to do the job yourself or at least have some insight into what a hired sweep will be doing.  High’s Chimney walks you through the basics in a new blog post.  Check out the screen cap and click for more info!

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Burning Wood: Fireplace or Stove?

When heating your home with fire, you will inevitably want to weigh the options available to you.  This might conjure images of flaming and crackling logs, but what type of unit will you choose to burn those logs: a wood fireplace or a stove?  High’s Chimney compares the two options, each with distinct advantages over the other. Check out (and click!) the screen cap below to learn more.

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2013’s Weirdest Chimney Finds

When you’re a homeowner, you expect to deal with a little wear and tear in various areas of the house.  The gutters need cleaning, the chimney is a bit dirty and could use some love…but that chimney usually doesn’t have people stuck inside it!  High’s Chimney did some digging and discovered a few of the oddest things found inside chimneys in 2013 (and yes, human beings made the list).  It may seem crazy, but you can’t make this stuff up!  Check out the screen cap below for the inside story.  Happy new year and here’s hoping 2014 brings fewer of these incidents!

weird things in chimneys

Fireplace Insert Options

Brr!  It’s been chilly in Pittsburgh lately.  That considered, many people are probably starting to think about burning a fire now and again.  If you’re already set up for the long winter ahead, snuggle up!  If not, now’s the time to think about what your fireplace options are.  High’s Chimney has you covered with an overview of different fireplace insert options.  Check out the screen cap below for more info.

fireplace inserts

Wood v. Pellet Stoves

We have several options to choose from when it comes to heating our homes in the months ahead.  Traditional gas heating as well as fireplaces will each do well to keep us warm and toasty.  If you’re leaning towards to ambiance and aroma of a live fire, a wood or pellet stove may be the way to go…but which one?  High’s Chimney takes a look at how these two options stack up against one another.  Be sure to click the screen cap for additional info!

wood v pellet