Miami Facts

Miami, FL has developed a reputation as both a vacation destination and as a party town.  But there’s so much about the area that many of us wouldn’t even think of.  So, Ocean Point Resort shares some little-known trivia about this beach town.  Check out the screen cap below, and click it to read the full article!

miami facts


A Family Reunion…in Miami?

Oh, the dreaded family reunion.  We all love our families, but formal reunions tend to be, well, boring.  That certainly doesn’t have to be the case and DoubleTree by Hilton Ocean Point Resort & Spa proves it by sharing just how exciting a family getaway could be as an alternative to the traditional reunion.  Check out the screen cap below and click it for even more information!

miami family reunion

Miami Spa Pampering

Ah, the spa.  So cozy, so relaxing.  DoubleTree by Hilton Ocean Point Resort & Spa not only provides the perfect beach vacation environment, but also has a diverse menu of spa services.  For those who can’t quite make up their minds or are new to the spa scene, Ocean Point wanted to highlight some of the most popular options, from massages to facials.  The screen cap below presents rich detail on the spa experience.

miami spa


Ocean Point Renovation Press Release

A few months ago, DoubleTree by Hilton Ocean Point Resort & Spa underwent a big transformation.  Updates were made to its mezzanine function area, allowing more flexibility for those wanting to book events.  This press release details the upgrade.

oceanpoint reno pr


Summer Music Events

Sunshine.  Sand.  Surf.  What could make a beach vacation better?  How about an awesome concert?  Miami has a full lineup of visiting musicians this summer and these shows are guaranteed to entertain.  Ocean Point Resort highlights a variety of concerts in the region that will appeal to almost any taste.

ocean point music


Kid-Friendly Attractions

With summer in full swing, families are planning their vacations.  But with young kids, sometimes there is concern over activities that they can engage in.  While it’s true that Miami is known as a party town, it has steadily become more family-friendly, boasting a selection of kid-friendly activities.

oceanpoint kid activities


Miami Local Attractions

Miami is a booming city with lots for tourists to do.  The area boasts a large arts district, long sandy beaches for plenty of aquatic activities and parks to visit.  Ocean Point Resort discusses a few locations that anyone is sure to enjoy.

ocean point attractions