What is C++ Programming?

As frequent consumers of digital technology, we may take for granted what makes the internet and our favorite programs tick.  The truth is that we have savvy programmers to thank for all of this, so why not stop for a moment and take a look at that side of technology?  PTI gives readers an overview on the C++ programming language, one of the primary web programming languages, and how it’s used.  As always, be sure to click the screen cap for more info!

pti c++


Ethical Hacking

Yes, you read that title right: there is such a thing as ethical computer hacking.  Technology pros do it all over the world to help individuals and organizations ensure top-notch security.  PTI explains it all in the article that follows (Be sure to click the screen cap for more!).

pti hacking

What Do Graphic Designers Do?

The tech sphere is full of professionals who make our world go ’round.  Web designers and programmers, SEO practitioners, writers, film pros and more all help to shape the technologies that we rely so heavily on.  Graphic designers also have a significant hand in creating the environments and messages that we’re so engulfed in.  Graphic designers are all about the visual.  So what exactly do they do?  Check the screen cap below to find out!

pti graphic design

Breaking Into the B&B Biz

Mini vacations have become more common in recent years, given how busy our lives seem to be and the expense involved in indulging in a resort getaway.  A nice alternative–the B&B “staycation.”  It’s fun for us to visit quaint little places, but what about the people who operate these venues on a daily business?  Ever wonder what it takes to get into the bed and breakfast industry?  You might be surprised!  Check out the screen cap (and click) for more info!

pti b&b