Revised Military FMLA

In 2013, the U.S. made some changes to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  Notably, many of the changes have had significant impacts on military personnel and their families.  Sentric recognizes that it is essential for HR professionals to understand the updates and how each will affect their practices, and addresses key points in a recent blog post.  Check out the screen cap below for more info.

sentric fmla



We’ve all used some sort of time tracking system in our jobs–clocking in with an assigned code, recording work hours in a designated program, etc.  One means of time tracking is virtually fool-proof: biometrics.  Biometric attendance and time tracking uses your body’s own unique identifiers, like a thumbprint, to record on a machine that you’ve clocked in or out for the day…which is also more secure.

sentric biometrics


Software as a Service isn’t really a new concept at this point.  Businesses all over the world who have traditionally provided access to software and other programs via discs are now opting to grant access entirely online.  If this sounds familiar, it’s because the concept is intricately connected to cloud technology.  Human resources professionals, through the course of their many activities, now turn to programs online, so they need to understand the technology.

sentric saas