Email Archiving

Sherpa Software is a company which is all about e-discovery.  In e-discovery, digital files are collected for use in legal proceedings.  One key source of digital information is email, so larger organizations may consider investing in some sort of email archiving program.  Read on below to learn more about this, and click the screen cap to link to the full article.

Options for Email Archiving



Company Email Policy

Sherpa Software puts a good deal of emphasis on email.  And why not?  It’s still one of the most popular means of electronic communication.  That considered, Sherpa decided to take a business-minded approach to the practice of emailing: corporate email policy.  So read on for some advice on implementing an email policy in the workplace, courtesy of Sherpa Software’s blog.

Crafting a Company Email Policy

email policy


Lotus Notes History

Sherpa Software provides information on various email platforms, including Gmail and Microsoft Exchange, as a show of dedication to email management and e-discovery.  Along these lines, the company blog shared a history of Lotus Notes, complete with pop culture tidbits, for its viewers.  Check out the screen cap below for a taste of this article, and click the image to read the full story.

Lotus Notes History


Holiday E-mail Etiquette

As the winter holidays had come closer, Sherpa Software realized that many people send greetings electronically.  As such, it was importance to address the issue of email etiquette.  In this case, the discussion was based upon sending holiday greetings to colleagues and business clients.  Read on for a glimpse of the piece and click the screen cap for the full article.

Holiday Business Email Etiquette

holiday email

The Importance of Technology Product Reviews

Sherpa Software is about everything technological.  Though the company focuses primarily on e-discovery, they also delve into the area of technology advice.  One article was recently published on the TechSling blog, and it focuses on product reviews.  Such reviews may be immensely useful to consumers, so they are worthy of discussion.  Read on for a short sample of the text, and click the screen cap to go to the full article.

The Importance of Technology Product Reviews

importance of tech reviews