Protecting Pittsburgh with Innovative Tech

It’s no secret that despite the Pittsburgh’s growth, the area still has it’s share of problems.  No one’s perfect, after all.  The good news is that we’re well on our way towards diminishing those problems.  Tech Burgher shares that up-and-coming technology may soon help the city in reducing gun violence via the ShotSpotter system.  Check out the screen cap below (and click it!) for more info.

techburgher shotspotter



Pittsburgh’s Technology Field

There’s high demand for professionals with specialized knowledge–computers, programming, you name it. Often this requires in-depth education for the new techie, but that’s changing.  Self-taught tech pros are given more credit when it comes to their professional endeavors these days, and education itself could begin covering concepts we’re often left to discover outside of the classroom.  Check out the screen cap below to learn more about how Pittsburgh employers are considering experience and cultural fit over education.

techburgher tech field

North Allegheny’s Tech Endeavors

North Allegheny is a top-tier school district in Pittsburgh’s North Hills and is making great strides in continuously improving educational resources.  In recent months, the school district announced plans to roll out tech upgrades for both students and teachers in order to provide greater opportunities to all.  From white boards to laptops, NA seeks to bring the schools further into the 21st century.  Check out the article below to learn more, and click the screen cap to view the full story.

techburgher na tech

Pittsburgh’s Big Data

Remember the days when Pittsburgh was thought of as a steel town?  That industry is what drove the area and was responsible for job and industrial growth.  What’s the city’s reputation linked to now?  Well, aside from a few top sports teams, Pittsburgh has become a technology center.  Big Data, as it’s called, is expected to result in some major growth in the area.  Want to learn more?  Check out the article below, and be sure to click the screen cap for the full story!

techburgher big data