Careers in Welding

Welding is an invaluable skill to have, either for personal repair use or larger professional projects.  If you’ve decided to pursue this unique path, you could be wondering what positions your newly found skills apply to.  Tulsa Welding School puts that question to rest with a handy overview of welding-focused jobs, all in a variety of industries.  Take a look at the screen cap, and as always click it for more information!

welding careers


Learn Welding Lingo

Porosity?  Fusion?  What in the world do these words mean?  Welders-in-training will need to learn these and much more to be successful in their chosen trade.  Tulsa Welding School teaches the right combination of skill and technical know-how for tradesmen to build their careers in a number of industries–from aerospace to repair.  For a 101-level crash course, TWS put together a quick list of terminology to-be welders should have a handle on.  Read on below and click the screen cap for more info!

welder's vocab