Mobile Payments Lagging Behind

It might be easy to pay with you mobile app to get your morning latte, but believe it or not, the technology isn’t as advanced as you’d think.  True Merchant shares information on this rising technology (affectionately dubbed as “tap and pay”) which suggests it could be doing much better.  Check out the screen cap below and click to view the full press release.

tm release


Duquesne Business Training Press Release

Duquesne University’s School of Leadership and Professional Advancement knows that there are qualified leaders out there who are ready to make the business world a better place.  However, those in leadership positions now are not always ready and individuals with the right skills don’t necessarily possess the educational qualifications.  The answer?  Better Leadership training for the business world.  Duquesne answers the call for qualified leaders by providing a well-rounded program to help individuals succeed, as discussed in this press release.

duq business pr