Mobile Payments Lagging Behind

It might be easy to pay with you mobile app to get your morning latte, but believe it or not, the technology isn’t as advanced as you’d think.  True Merchant shares information on this rising technology (affectionately dubbed as “tap and pay”) which suggests it could be doing much better.  Check out the screen cap below and click to view the full press release.

tm release


Plastic vs. Cash

Consumers have their pick of how to spend money these days–online, via credit card or with cold hard cash.  Believe it or not, the payment method makes a difference, both for customers and for merchants.  True Merchant hones in on the differences in customer behavior and merchant income when payments are made with credit cards or with cash.

tm card v cash

Traditional vs. Mobile Processing

Credit and debit cards have provided ease and convenience to shoppers for years.  Usually, when you think of paying with plastic, thoughts of a merchant swiping a card through a large machine come to mind.  In recent times, however, big credit card terminals have been joined by their miniature brothers and sisters–mobile terminals which simply plug into cell phones for quick swiping anywhere.  True Merchant looks as how these two methods stack up against one another.

tm traditional v mobile