Increase Home Value

Heartland Homes is always looking for new ways to help both home buyers and sellers.  Given that the peak home selling season is just around the corner (Did you know that spring is the best time to sell?), Heartland wanted to provide some useful tips for those getting ready to put a house on the market.  What are the best ways to add value to your home at a low cost?  Check out the screen cap below to find out and don’t forget to click the image for the rest of the story!

10 Cheap Staging Tips to Increase Home Value

increase home value


Repurposing Web Content

Home builders and real estate professionals do not just deal with homes.  No, they, like any other company, must play the marketing game.  That’s why visiting a home building website doesn’t just bring up house listings or siding colors anymore.  Instead, these sites have informative articles and maintain blog accounts.  This article, contributed to Home Advisor Pro Guide on behalf of Heartland Homes, talks about the different ways such companies reach audiences and get the most use out of the informative content they produce.

Repurposing Web Content

repurpose content

Real Estate Prices and Demand in PGH

Heartland homes, in addition to providing information about home building in general, also likes to give people insight on the real estate market.  As it is a Pittsburgh-based company, Heartland reached out to a local Patch website to contribute an article about Pittsburgh’s growth.  Check out the screen cap below, and click on it for the full article.

Real Estate Prices and Demand Rise in Communities around Pittsburgh

real estate prices

Decorating the Perfect Room for Children

Ah, kids’ rooms are so cute and fun!  It’s an adventure to decorate them, with all the fun themes to choose from and deciding how to display toys.  Heartland Homes, as you may know by now, not only builds your dream home, but offers advice on various home projects as well.  It’s no surprise, then, that we recently put together a comprehensive how-to on decorating kid-friendly bedrooms.  Check out the screenshot below, and click the image to link to the full article.

kids room

Real Estate Trends 2013

Tastes and must-have features in homes change all the time.  We see it constantly on home shows on TV.  So what are the preference trends now, as we begin to move through 2013?  Heartland Homes has a handle on this for the Pittsburgh area, and a new blog article answers this question.  Take a look at the screen cap below for more info and click the image to redirect to the full article.

2013 trends

2012 Holiday Decorating Trends

Heartland Homes wanted to put together a guest piece for HomeAdvisor HomeSource.  Given the time of the year, it was only fitting to write something holiday-themed.  The result was this article, focused on 2012 holiday decorating trends and things that the younger generations gravitate towards.  Check out a sample of the original story below [now unavailable online].

Not Your Mama’s Holiday Cheer: Top Christmas Decoration Trends for 2012

2012 decs