Manufacturing Metal Drums and Pails

Being a packaging supply company, Qorpak not only distributes storage containers for lab and industrial use, they also want consumers to understand how such items came into being.  As such, this article on the manufacturing process of metal drums and pails aims to educate end-users on these products.  See below for a sampling of the article, and click the screen cap to read on.

Manufacturing Process for Metal Pails and 55-Gallon Drums



How to Select Chromatography Vials

Glass company, Qorpak (Pittsburgh, PA), specializes in manufacturing and distributing laboratory supplies.  To help customers make an informed decision on what products to choose, Qorpak provides useful tips on its store website.  Read on to see advice on selecting chromatography vials, and click the screen cap for the full article.

chromatography vials