Finding a Qualified Window Installer

Undergoing any home project means finding the right professional for the job.  Even replacing windows is no exception to this, so Legacy Remodeling gives you a few quick tips on how to select the best contractor your for window installation project.  The screen cap below provides a bit of info, but for more in-depth help, click the image to view the full post!

window installer


Financing a Home Improvement Project

Household projects take a lot of work…and money.  Legacy Remodeling of Pittsburgh recognizes that the financial side of revamping your home may be a concern, so they’ve provided some pointers on how to execute your project without breaking the bank.  Check out the screen cap below and click the image for more info!

finance home improvement

Home Improvement Projects

Homeowners seem to always be on the hunt for something new and different to do to their living space.  Predictably, however, such undertakings result in significant expenses.  Legacy Remodeling shares a few home improvement projects that will price up your home without breaking the bank.  As always, be sure to click the screen cap to view the blog post in its entirety.

4 projects

Questions for Buying Windows

Before any major purchase, you have to weigh various factors.  Windows for your home are no exception, and you’ll want to play an active part in the selection and installation process.  Legacy Remodeling shares some key questions (and answers!) to keep in mind when, quite literally, window shopping.  Be sure to click on the screen cap to read the rest of the blog post!


Siding Cost

Every major home improvement project comes with a price tag.  For instance, new home siding comes in at different price points depending on various factors.  Legacy Remodeling wanted to explain to customers how such things as siding material and home size can impact the cost of the project.

legacy siding cost